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When in Melbourne

A lot of people are visiting Melbourne. Melbourne Silver Taxi has been getting a lot of requests from our clients to make a list of place where we can take them. To give you an idea about your options, we’ll mention top places to see in Melbourne.

Queen Victoria

One of the most popular places that you can visit in Melbourne is Queen Victoria Market. Queen Victoria Market, otherwise known as Queen Vic or Vic Market, has been part of Melbourne for more than a century. Do you know just how many people visit this place? To give you an idea, last year alone, Queen Victoria Market has managed to collect $4 million on their parking fees alone.

The Queen Victoria Market is also undergoing redevelopment and has been funded by the Melbourne City council. This Melbourne landmark is a place that you must visit whether you plan to enjoy the history or just do some shopping.

The Great Ocean Road

Another popular destination that you want to explore in Melbourne is the Great Ocean Road. Listed in Australia’s National Heritage this stretch of road was dedicated for the fallen soldiers of the First World War. It is considered as the world’s largest war memorial.

Why visit this area? Not only are you going to learn a thing or two about history, you will also see the beautiful surf coast.

Federation Square

Now that we have provided you some historical venues in Melbourne, it’s time to explore the more contemporary areas in Melbourne. If you are into architecture, and you enjoy public spaces, a good place to start is the Federation Square. The building’s interior and exterior are described to be de-constructivist in terms of style. Located in Inner Melbourne, it is a 3.2 hectare venue that caters to two major public spaces. This is located in Melbourne’s central business district.

National Gallery of Victoria

Popularly known as NGV, discover art from both the old and the new when you visit this place. This art museum has been founded in 1861. It is considered the oldest, largest and even the most popular art museum in the country. It has a number of interesting pieces including indigenous, aboriginal art. It also has some contemporary art.

If you ever have plans of traveling to Melbourne, we suggest that you take a look at these places. You’ll be able to enjoy Melbourne more by seeing some of these destinations. It’s a common problem that tourists find it difficult to travel to these places. If you haven’t rented a car, you can always get our taxi service to get you to these places.